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Scientific Fertilization Technology of Citrus

As the spring come, the temperature rise rapidly and the crops with fast nutrition growth also needs more and more fertilizer and water to ensure growth. According to the study, there should be nitrogen 6 kg, phosphorus 1.1kg, potassium 4 kg, calcium 0.8 kg, magnesium 0.27 kg every time when you want the citrus production reach to 1000 kilograms. In addition,  the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be 1: 0.2: 0.7. The nutrient absorption of citrus varies […]

Chinese Rose to Flowering

Chinese rose is a kind of sunny plant and it is difficult for such kind of rose to flowering every month if there is lack of light. In general, only when we seize the key reason of following, the rose will flower every month. First, sufficient sunshine.The place to plant Chinese rose should be draught and sufficient sunshine which is the main reason to bloom.In addition, the rose can only flower at spring and autumn […]

The Soil of Flowers

Soil is the basis of raising flowers. If you want to raise flowers, you firstly need to raise soil. Whether the potted pots is good or not has a direct relationship with the soil condition in a limited environment. Generally, the soil used for potting is required to contain a large amount of humus, the soil should be loose, fertile, waterlogging and good performance. At the same time, the soil should have certain ratio of PH. The […]

Conservation and Management of Lawn Dormancy

When the winter comes, the law will get into dormant period and also will in extremely fragile state so that will be damaged easily. Therefore, we should take the lawn protection sign and strengthen the personnel inspection to prevent trampling of pedestrian and rolling of vehicle. If the ground part of lawn was trampled in the dormant period, the underground part of the law will be damaged even to die so that affect the law turn green in […]

A Brief Introduction to the Top Ten Anti – polluted Greening Species

In China, there are many trees which have strong anti-pollution ability.  1, Masson pine commonly is known as one kind of evergreen trees, its height can up to 20 to 30 meters, the crown looks like tower or broad oval and have beautiful gesture. The needle leaves and trunk of it can not only secret pine resin which is easy to oxidize, but release low concentrations of ozone which can clean air. The dust-proof and vacuuming ability of the Masson pine is very strong, […]

The fertilization of Chinese Wolfberry

The annual growth period of Chinese wolfberry isfrom mid-March to early November.  Each growth process will consume a lot of nutrients so that the fertilizer period is long. Fertilization can create a good environment for the wolfberry growth. The types and periods of fertilization: About production, fertilization can be divided into basal and top dressing. Base fertilizer mainly composed by farm manure-based, and sometimes supplemented by chemical fertilizers. Farm manure mainly composed by sheep manure, cattle and horses circle feces, oil residue (cake) and manure and […]

High – yield Cultivation Techniques of chestnut

Chestnut is deciduous trees, the height of chestnut is up to 20 meters and its high life is up to hundred years. After 4-8 years growth, the chestnut trees will be strong , after 15 to 16 years will get into the fruit period as well as after graft breeding 2-3 years, will start to have fruit, after 4-8 years, will get into the fruit period. In addition, if the chestnut trees are kept in good management conditions, the fruit […]

What are the radiation-resistant plants?

For working mothers, the office radiation is definitely their “first-class event.” How to effectively and conveniently resit electromagnetic waves? Placed radiation-resistant plants, I will give you some suggestions. Cactus is the best flower to adorn garden. Though they are covered with thorns, but the appearance is very beautiful as well as it can be used for processing medicine and food. In addition, the cactus also has the “specific function” of absorbing electromagnetic radiation so that reduce the computer harm to human health. Cactus with a […]

Management Technology of Nursery in Autumn

Time flies, fall is approaching. I hope this article can give good advice for nursery managers. One, the amount of fertilization. There are usually two ways of top dressing. ① underground top dressing: generally,  topdressing urea and other quick-acting fertilizer. Ditch between the lines, the fertilizer applied to the ditch, and then cover the soil. Fertilizers can also be diluted, evenly spray on the seedbed (ridge, furrow), and then rinse with water. Commonly, the amount of urea should be […]

Fertilization Techniques for Garden Seedlings

Fertilization matters of garden trees need to pay attention to 1, Due to the wide distribution of tree roots, the roots absorption of nutrients and water is mainly reply on the fibrous roots. Therefore, the fertilizer should be applied around the roots but not close to the trunk. 2, Trees with strong roots and have far-reaching distribution should be applied more and larger scope fertilizer. The symbol trees are Pinus tabulaeformis, Ginkgo biloba, Ailanthus and Acacia. Trees with […]

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