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Commonsense Problem of Fertilizer Knowledge

About chemical fertilizer, we should pay attention to these issues: (1) No immediately watering after the use of urea. (2) Ammonium bicarbonate should not be applied to the soil surface. (3) Ammonium bicarbonate should not be applied in greenhouses. (4) Ammonium nitrogen fertilizer should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers. (5) Nitrate nitrogen fertilizer can not to be applied in the paddy field. (6) Ammonium sulfate should not be used for long time. (7) Phosphate […]

Fertilization Technology in Low Temperature

At the end of autumn and begin of winter, the weather is getting cold. In such low temperature, how to apply fertilizer is a difficult problem for farmer. let me introduce you some fertilization techniques in low temperature. Fertilization methods in low temperature Some fertilizers can be directly absorbed by soil after application, and some can not. Increasing  the application of phosphorus, zinc fertilizer can effectively enhance the plant’s ability to anti-cold. Therefore, we should […]

How to Save Fertilizer in Winter?

Although in winter, fertilizer still will have the volatile physical reaction which will be slower than the speed in winter. Generally, the volatile speed in summer will be quick. Therefore, we should do some work to protect fertilizer from volatile at any time. more volatile when the summer will be some, so be sure to save fertilizer at any time. The ways to save the fertilizer in winter, here’s to introduce to you: How to save fertilizer […]

How to Identify Humic Acid Fertilizer?

Humic acid fertilizer is the most prominent fertilizer on the market. Nowadays, the fertilizer market is very large, many unscrupulous companies are likely to take the opportunity to use fake humic acid fertilizer to cheat customers. How to identify the humic acid fertilizer? True or false? Here to tell you about it. How to identify the true and false of humic acid fertilizer? First, check the implementation standards. There are a variety of humic acid […]

Humic Acid Compound Fertilizer

The main types of humic acid compound fertilizer: 1, Special fertilizer for precious flowers: humic acid compound flower fertilizer is a kind of national patented and scientific spraying humic acid compound fertilizer and it is non-toxic, harmless, non-polluted. In addition to a large number of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium elements, there are enough trace elements, floral nutrients and fulvic acid of this kind of fertilizers. Once a week spraying or rooting can make flowers leaves fresh. […]

The Reason for Applying Foliar Fertilizer

Green energy  fertilizer machine   Selling fertilizer sites     Pellet machine    Fertilizer material Handling equipment What is foliar fertilizer? Foliar fertilizer application is the way to make plant leaves absorb nutrient elements. It is also known as foliar fertilization, it is a way of spraying fertilizer on leaves. Foliar fertilization can make nutrients directly get into the plant body from the leaves, and foliar fertilizer also can be involved in crop metabolism and organic synthesis process, and thus it […]

Twelve Kinds of Common Disease of Crops

The necessary elements of crops will loss during the growth process and which will have different or similar symptoms. At this time it is necessary to pay attention to distinguish the different symptoms of different element deficiency of crops, and apply the fertilizer accordingly so that the crops growth will be healthy. Now, we should take a look at the specific symptoms of elements deficiency. Calcium deficiency Performance part: The new leaves, terminal buds, fruits, tender part and other part with strong vitality. Disease performance: […]

What the Symptoms of Fertilizer Deficiency for Wheat?

Lack of fertilizer will affect the wheat normal growth, so we have to observe it in time. When the wheat is lack of fertilizer, we should apply fertilizer in time. What are the symptoms of wheat deficiency fertilizer? Here to give you some ways to analyze whether the wheat lack of fertilizer or not? First, nitrogen fertilizer deficiency The main symptoms of wheat nitrogen fertilizer deficiency are: plant is small and weakc, tiller is little and weak, leaves are small and erect, […]

Phosphate Fertilizer Application of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a kind of herbs used all over the world. For the people who cultivate honeysuckle, fertilization is a key procedure. How to apply phosphate fertilizer to honeysuckle? Here to tell you about the fertilizer application technology of honeysuckle. Fertilization can affect the soil environmental conditions, promote or inhibit the secondary metabolism of honeysuckle body, so as to improve the effective content of herbs; fertilization can improve the resistance of honeysuckle, reduce pests and diseases; Artificially cultivated honeysuckle became the […]

Urea Mixed with Washing Powder?

Urea mixed with washing powder can prevent aphids? Yes, because the urea has the function of destroying the body chitin of aphid, and washing powder containing Sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate which is surfactant sodium can make aphid wax layer dissolved of body wall so that attached to it to form impermeable, airtight layer of film, resulting in aphid stomata blocked and die. The using of urea mixed with washing powder has the features of high efficiency, no pollution, convenient and easy to top dressing. The […]

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