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Phosphate Fertilizer Application of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a kind of herbs used all over the world. For the people who cultivate honeysuckle, fertilization is a key procedure. How to apply phosphate fertilizer to honeysuckle? Here to tell you about the fertilizer application technology of honeysuckle. Fertilization can affect the soil environmental conditions, promote or inhibit the secondary metabolism of honeysuckle body, so as to improve the effective content of herbs; fertilization can improve the resistance of honeysuckle, reduce pests and diseases; Artificially cultivated honeysuckle became the […]

Urea Mixed with Washing Powder?

Urea mixed with washing powder can prevent aphids? Yes, because the urea has the function of destroying the body chitin of aphid, and washing powder containing Sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate which is surfactant sodium can make aphid wax layer dissolved of body wall so that attached to it to form impermeable, airtight layer of film, resulting in aphid stomata blocked and die. The using of urea mixed with washing powder has the features of high efficiency, no pollution, convenient and easy to top dressing. The […]

Reasons and Methods of Eggplant Fertilizer Damage

Green energy  fertilizer machine      Selling fertilizer sites          Pellet machine          Fertilizer material Handling equipment During the process of eggplant cultivation, many friends will encounter the situation that there are lot of necrotic spots between the veins of eggplant and the spots dry green, yellow, gray, brown and other colors which seriously affect the normal growth of eggplant. In fact, this is the fertilizer damage symptoms of […]

How to Apply Fertilizer to Ginger?

During the seedling period, the ginger rhizome will absorb less nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as the absorption of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium will increase in the growth period. Autumn is the season when the ginger need fertilizer, so we should apply fertilizer according to the requirement of ginger fertilizer. Timely topdressing nitrogen fertilizer will help increase production. Ginger fertilization is divided into basal and top dressing. Basal fertilizer includes organic fertilizer, cake fertilizer […]

Four Key Points of Fertilizer Selection 

The duration of the fertilizer Fertilizer duration, also known as the effectiveness of fertilizer, but is different from the validity of fertilizer. Fertilizer duration of fertilizer is the effective time of fertilizer. The northern orchard, basically have the growth and dormancy period. During the growth period, the growth rate and nutrient cycle of fruit trees is fast, so we should apply quick-acting fertilizer timely. During dormant period, fruit tree nutrient cycle will stop and growth […]

Organic Matters to Soil

What is soil organic matter? Soil organic matter is the material from the soil, but not soil minerals as well as it is the most active part of the soil. Organic matter is the basis of soil fertility, it can be said that there is no soil fertility if there is no soil organic matter. Soil organic matter means the organic compounds in the soil, including carbon compounds, lignin, protein, resin, wax and so on. The soil organic matter […]

How to Use A Combination of Different Fertilizers

Agricultural conveyor belt machine         Twin screw extruder fertilizer machinery    Fertilizer materials handling machine  1. Ammonium and urea can not be mixed. Ammonia nitrogen in urea can not be absorbed by crops, it only can be absorbed by crops when it under the action of gland enzyme, converted to ammonium nitrogen; After carbon iron be applied into the soil, the soil will be acidic in short-term which will accelerate the loss of nitrogen in urea. Therefore, the urea […]

Autumn Fertilization is Good or Bad

Good customer relationship management     Fertilizer equipment withtouch screen monitor    Agricultural machinery with conveyor belt There are many people, especially those who plant late-maturing plant, worried that autumn fertilization will damage the roots of plant. In fact, autumn fertilization of orchard is a good way to improve the soil quality and the tree nutrient as well as is the necessary measures to have good flower buds.Therefore, the autumn fertilization should be early. Most of people know that autumn fertilization will cause damage to […]

Acid and Alkali Fertilizer

Best crm          Twin screw extruder fertilizer machinery          Best automatic belt conveyor             Bagging machine Fertilizers are same with soils which are acid and alkaline. In this time, we should have targeted selection of application of acid and alkali fertilizers which can not only reduce the loss of fertilizer, but also improve nutrient utilization and output. Why there is acid and alkali fertilizer? Soil can be divided into […]

Adjust Organic Fertilizer Measures to Local Conditions

Best automatic bagging machine   customer relationship management        sales crm Material handling equipment        Shrink wrap machine          Fertilizer equipment with industrial blender The application of chemical fertilizers in the orchard has played an important  role in improving the yield and satisfying the needs of the people. However, excessive application of chemical fertilizers has also brought about the decline of fruit quality, the deterioration of orchard soil and the increase of environmental pollution risk. In […]

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