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Return Visit Begins

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That Beidou' BB fertilizer machine, water soluble fertilizer equipment and other products is accepted and satisfied by customers is not only becasue of the high quality, perfect desgin and cost-effective performance, but also the good service. As the soul of Beidou A.C.E. goes,  "Create Greater Benefits for Customers with Excelsior Products and Service" . 

Return visit is one kind of our after-sale services, which we regard as important as marketing. It is now the time for most fertilizer factories to start the production, and many may face some problems in terms the machine, production process or manipulation. 

The first return visit in this year begins, and the first customer we served is a new one. This customer is especially happy with the blending equipment and reclaim device for fertilizer feeding part compared with the old production line, for the new one is more convenient and effective. Our after-sale staff has been told that this fertilizer dosing and blending machine (10-15 tons per hour) is working regularly with effectively. 

Users' trust and satisfaction is the greatest award for us. 


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