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Water-saving Innovation

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The International Water Technology Exhibition in Israel opened at the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Tel Aviv recently. Israel and other over 100 related enterprises and units of world participated in the exhibition and fully demonstrated the latest achievements about water saving, water recycling and intelligent management of water resources. Israel has many outstanding achievements in agricultural water-saving innovation and one of them is water-fertilizer integration which can make fertilizers reach to the crop roots through a dropper so that fertilizers can be directly absorbed into crop roots together with water. This kind of technology can greatly improve water and fertilizer utilization rates.

Thus, the development of world's agriculture expect much on the development of agricultural fertilizers and high-energy environmental agricultural equipment. In such situation, Beidou company also will pay much attention to the improvement of technology, brand, quality, service, and constantly improve the quality of equipment in order to achieve the integration of water and fertilizer.

The news is based on: http://www.sinofarm.net/news/14489.html


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